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Sew Your Own Fashion Statement

Do you get excited when you see the newest fashions? Isnt it amazing how quickly fashion changes. The winds of change affect the styles and trends of clothing every season.

What is even more fun than watching fashion, is creating your own. As one who sews, you are in a very enviable position. You can imitate the most current trends and styles, or create something distinctly your own. You are in control. Only your imagination holds you back. Watch the fashion trends, and then create.

Fashion changes so fast it can be dizzying. Every season brings fresh new styles. Magazines, shows, and advertizing put a spotlight on the new trends, but as fast as the new comes, the old fades away. Hmmm, how long has it been since your saw a double knit leisure suit?

Check the magazines for the newest trends in clothing and accessories. What do you see that is new? Do you see hints of the past? Isnt it amazing how often the fashion designers borrow from past styles and trends to create fresh new twists. Frequently, the best of the past is revived in new ways. Isnt it neat that you can pick and choose from all the possibilities to create your own special fashion statement?

When you see the styles you really like, start thinking in terms of how you can make them your own. When you see fashion elements that you think would accent your own features, plant to take advantage of them.

Be bold. Be confident. The possibilities are within your grasp. You can always buy a new pattern, use an older pattern, or take a class in doing your own pattern design. There is software available to help you design your personalized patterns including Dressmaker or My Design.

Just imagine all the fashion ingredients you could generate from your own sewing room. If you see something intriguing in a magazine, sew it up yourself. You are limited only by your minds eye. You can take standard items and make minor changes to create brand new effects. Change a collar, a sleeve, a cuff, or embellish with embroidery or appliqu. You could make your own glamour dress, jacket, suit, blouse, or accessory.

If you take just a few minutes to let your imagination run wild, you will come up with a million possibilities: easy wraps, straight skirts, embellished blouses, and jackets. There is no limit. The sewing projects you create will be your own fashion statement.

Maybe you are one of those sewers who like short cuts. Instead of worrying about designing your own pattern, laying it out, cutting it out, sewing, and fitting; you might take advantage of the ready to wear world. Find simple even plain ready to wear items, and transform them with your own special flare. Embellish with embroidery, metallic embellishments, add ons (like pockets), sparkles. What you can imagine you can achieve.

You might also consider creating your own fashion style by recycling items already in your closet. Do some minor alterations. Embellish. Rework. Be creative. Your friends will be amazed. You will be the envy of your own fashion world.

In my opinion, a touch of color can completely change a style. It may be adding a color or replacing it with white. Adding a while lacy cuff or neckline, changes everything. Accessorizing with color can make a big impact. By selecting the colors I like, I can create my own fashion styles.

For me, sewing offers me my own little world. When I sew, if feel relaxed and at peace. I get so many creative ideas, I run out of time. Nothing makes me feel better than to have people complement my sewing. When it comes to fashion, I am in charge. I can create my own styles using the colors, textures, and designs I prefer. Sewing is a wonderful experience.

When you see that skirt at Dillards for $220, ask yourself, Could I make that? And then give yourself the answer you know is true. Yes, you can. Not only can you sew it, you can do it a much less cost. You can probably even improve on it. Then imagine the thrill when you over year your friends say, She must have spent a fortune.

Unlike the cast iron workhorses of ages past, the modern sewing machine is fun and easy to use. It has so many convenience features and sews so smoothly, that sewing our own styles is a pleasure. The satisfaction we gain cannot be measured. The supports and resources available to help us create and produce our own styles make it easier than ever. So, lets do it. Lets create. Lets sew our own styles.


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